ICF-SkyWorks is taking a new direction.

ICF SH&E - an ICF International Company

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ICF SH&E serves the air transportation industry, providing its aviation expertise to airlines, airports, governments, international agencies, manufacturers, and financial institutions. The company's core capabilities include airline strategy, planning, and operations; airport demand management, planning, and air service marketing; cost-benefit analysis of environmental regulations; cargo studies; revenue management; appraisals, maintenance management, and asset management; safety and security audits; financial due diligence, and privatization, mergers, and alliances.

ICF SH&E is part of ICF International, a global professional services firm that partners with government and commercial clients to deliver professional services and technology solutions in the energy, environment, and transportation; health, education, and social programs; and homeland security and defense markets.

Skyworks Capital

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SkyWorks Holdings, LLC is the parent company of SkyWorks Capital, LLC and SkyWorks Leasing, LLC.

SkyWorks Capital provides advisory services on asset-based financings, aircraft selections, financial restructuring, debt and equity offerings, strategic assessments, and mergers and acquisitions.

SkyWorks Leasing provides turn-key third party portfolio asset management, remarketing and technical advisory services for commercial aircraft.

SkyWorks Capital Asia, a joint venture among SkyWorks Capital, Cathay Pacific Airways, and Air China Development Corp. (Hong Kong) Ltd. provides financial advisory services to aviation industry participants located throughout the Asia-Pacific Region.